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Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Corpse Came COD (1947)

An average B movie mystery. Mona Harrison (Adele Jergens) is an actress in Hollywood. One day she receives a carton (COD of course) from the studio that is supposed to contain fabric samples. However, in the carton with the samples is the body of the studio costume designer. It seems that he and Mona have had a fight so it now looks like she has killed him. She calls Joe Medford (George Brent) a reporter to ask for his help. He comes over and she begs him not to call the police. She knows how it will look since she had an argument with the deceased just the day before. However, once the story becomes public Joe has some competition for the story. Another reporter, Rosemary Durant (Joan Blondell), hears of the murder and also wants to crack the case wide open. Now the two reporters have to find the real killer before he strikes again.

This movie was ok. A lot of these mysteries from the 30s and 40s start to blend together after a while. The idea of the corpse being sent to the actress COD was pretty original though. The only performance worth noting is Joan Blondell, who was wonderful in everything she did. Worth checking out if you have nothing better to do.



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