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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

American Idol Semi Finals - Guys Week #3

So the final semi-final for the guys is here. And away we go ....

1) Blake Lewis - uh it was alright. Not great just ok.
2) Sanjaya Malakar - uh that was awful. If he makes the top 12 I will be pissed off royally
3) Sundance Head - he's no Eddie Veder that's for sure. It seemed to me like he was doing a bad Chris Daughtry inpression.
4) Chris Richardson - uh what is up with these guys tonight? He was off key, trying to sing to high and he sure as hell is no Keith Urban!!
5) Jared Cotter - finally someone who was fun! Of course he is still some great eye candy. He hit a couple of bad notes at the beginning but over all I liked it.
6) Brandon Rogers - a bad song choice. I like him but he maybe vulnerable after this.
7) Phil Stacey - another one I like who did not do well. It sounded like a drag queen with a sore throat at the beginning, then he was shouting at in the chorus and that last note was awful. Another one who maybe in trouble.
8) Chris Sligh - well at least he ended the night well. The best of the night by far. I think he is the stongest guy in the competition.

I want Sanjaya and Chris Richardson to leave but I have a feeling Phil or Brandon or both maybe gone.



  • At 9:54 AM, Blogger Lucy said…

    very boring night on idol for me...but I do agree with you once again!


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