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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

American Idol Finals - Week #3

Another week of the most talked about show in the country. Tonight the contestants get to sing Gwen Stefani songs and the songs of those who inspired her. This is going to be interesting!

1) LaKisha (Last Dance) - it was wonderful as always. As Randy would say it wasn't my favorite performance but it was good.
2) Chris Sligh (Everything Little Thing She Does Is Magic) - that was not good at all. His voice sounded very strange.
3) Gina Glockson (I'll Stand By You) - I really liked this performance. She made me like a song I really did not like before.
4) Sanjaya Malakar (Bath Water) - OMG WHAT'S WITH THE HAIR!?!?!?! This is getting ridiculous.
5) Haley Scarnato (True Colors) - pretty good. Of course after Sanjaya a singing monkey would seem good.
6) Phil Stacey (Every Breath You Take) - this was his best performance in weeks! I liked it.
7) Melinda Doolittle (Heaven Knows) - absolutley amazing as she always is.
8) Blake Edwards (Love Song) - it was ok but not great. I'm glad he didn't do the beat boxing for once.
9) Jordin Sparks (Hey Baby) - again not my favorite performance byt she is still way better than a lot of these contestants. That outfit was fugly though.
10) Chris Richardson (Don't Speak) - awful! Like Gwen said this song is so beautiful you don't have to sing it so big and loud. He was off key most of it also.

So to go home I would love to see Richardson or Sanjaya go but I think they both will be safe. I think Hayley will be done tomorrow.



  • At 10:27 AM, Blogger Lucy said…

    Sanjaya is RIDICULOUS!!! But I too think it will be Haley this week.


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