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Friday, March 30, 2007

Barefoot in the Park (1967)

A very cute movie. Corie and Paul Bratter (Jane Fonda and Robert Redford) are newlyweds. They are also complete opposites. Corie is a wild free spirit and Paul is a conservative and uptight lawyer. They move into their first home together - an extremely small apartment in Manhattan. There they live on the top floor (with no elevator) and have a very strange neighbor named Victor Velasco (Charles Boyer) who lives on the rooftop apartment above them. One night Corie has the brilliant idea to set her mother, Ethel Banks (Mildred Natwick), up with the worldly Victor. After a very interesting night out Paul begins to get fed up with Corie's wild ways. Will their marriage be able to withstand their very different ways of thinking?

This movie was a hoot. The scene at the restaurant when Corie set her mother up with her neighbor were hilarious. The four stars were wonderful and Robert Redford was amazingly handsome as always. There was a TV based upon the movie that ran for 1970-71 and a TV movie version made in 1981. However, the original is absolutely a must see for all romantic comedy fans.



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