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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Scott Baio is 45 ... And Single

This show is quite hilarious. Scott Baio of Happy Days and Charles in Charge fame has never been married. In fact, he has never even been fully committed to a woman. Now he is dating a woman he feels could be the one and he wants to make sure he does not blow it. He hires a life coach to help him figure out why he is 45 and still single. She makes him break off all communication with his girlfriend as well as take a vow of celibacy during the 8 week process. He must go back to his former girlfriends and find out what went wrong in their relationships. Some of his friends think this may help him but his one friend. Johnny V, is not happy. Scott it seems is the only reason this guy has ever gotten laid so he is not to happy about losing his pick-up buddy. Now he is doing everything in his power to make Scott fall off the wagon.

I love these cheesy reality shows. Especially the ones that try to make us feel sorry for celebrities and the difficult lives they lead. This show is pretty funny to watch but do not expect high brow entertainment while you are checking this out.



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