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Friday, July 06, 2007

Bringing Up Baby (1938)

The screwball comedy classic. Dr David Huxley (Cary Grant) is a scientist at a large museum. He works there with his fiance, Alice Swallow (Virginia Walker). He is working on a fossil recreation of a dinosaur in for the museum and is waiting on the last bone he needs. In the meantime he must meet with the lawyer of a potential benefactor for the museum. While on the course he runs into a young lady by the name of Susan Vance (Katherine Hepburn). This meeting, along with all the other times they meet, is a complete disaster. However, Susan begins to fall in love with David and does everything in her power to keep him around. On the other hand David tries to escape every chance he gets. Soon David learns that Susan is the niece of his potential benefactor, Elizabeth Random (May Robson). Now the aunt's dog has stolen the bone David needs to complete his skeleton, Susan has a leopard named Baby roaming her house and Aunt Elizabeth thinks David is off his rocker.

While I did not find this movie highly amusing I can appreciate it for the classic it is. Hepburn was very annoying as Susan but that was her character so she played it perfectly. It was nice to see Cary Grant play a dowdy character instead of the suave ladies man. There have been several movies spun off from this film. Including the terrible Who's That Girl? starring Madonna (which I LOVED as a kid). However, as always the classic is what you should see.



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