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Monday, June 25, 2007

A Global Affair (1964)

A nice movie with a wonderful message. Lisette (Michele Mercier) is a tour guide at the United Nations building. One day after a tour she finds a baby abandoned in the foyer. She takes the little girl to the security office to figure out what to do. It seems that this child will become the pawn in a global custody battle if things are not handled correctly. This fight could lead to an important resolution benefiting the children of world being defeated. The Under Secretary (Nehemiah Persoff) decides to leave the baby with Frank Larrimore (Bob Hope), a UN employee who was just on the radio the other night talking about the importance of the children's resolution. However, he is a bachelor and has no idea how to raise a child. Soon word of the baby gets out and Frank is charged with finding appropriate adoptive parents for the little girl. Soon women from all over the world are throwing themselves at him so he will choose their country for the baby to live in. Of course this has disaterous effects on his budding relationship with Lisette.

I really enjoyed this film. It had a wonderful message - that all children are children of the world. Hope was funny but his comedy was toned down in this film. Look for Yvonne de Carlo (aka Lily Munster) as the femae representative of Spain. All in all this is a funny and uplifiting movie.



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