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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And Baby Makes Three (1949)

This was a very sweet comedy. Jackie Walsh (Barbara Hale) is about to be married to Herbie Fletcher (Robert Hutton), heir to the Fletcher matress fortune. However, at the alter Jackie faints. her Uncle Bill (Lloyd Corrigan) soon discovers that she is pregnant. Jackie was recently divorced from her first husband, Vern Walsh (Robert Yooung), and he is the father of the baby. Of course this causes a major problem for Jackie. Her future in-laws, Mr and Mrs Marvin Fletcher (Nicholas Joy and Billie Burke) do not want a scandal so they want Herbie to convince Jackie to share custody with Vern. However, Jackie is convinced that Vern would be a bad influence and the child and wants sole custody. Of course when the beautiful Wanda York (Janis Carter), the named other woman in the Walshes divorce, comes to town and becomes engaged to Vern things get really compicated.

This was a very cute movie. Robert Young was very funny as the father-to-be. Barabara Hale was also wonderful as Jackie, the woman caught in the middle of this crazy story. If you like romantic screwball comedies you would enjoy this little gem.



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