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Monday, May 14, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week #9

So tonight it is the semi-finals. Tonight the couples again dance twice. They choose their favorite dances and perform them again with new music and choreography.

Ballroom Round:
1) Apolo Anton Ohno (Quick Step) - it was good. I was not blown away like the judges but it was a solid performance.
2) Ian Ziering (Tango) - it was also pretty good. Again I was not blown away but he is improving. The song sucked though.
3) Laila Ali (Quick Step) - it is a trend tonight but it was good, not great, for me. Seriously, who is picking this music? Walk Like an Egyptian - please!
4) Joey Fatone (Fox Trot) - it was another solid performance but again I do not think it was great. I hope the Latin round is better.

Latin Round:
1) Apolo Anton Ohno (ChaCha) - much better! That was a really fun performance to watch.
2) Ian Ziering (Jive) - I think that was his best dance yet. It was a wonderful performance.
3) Laila Ali (ChaCha) - again I was not blown away. I'm a little disapponted in this performance actually.
4) Joey Fatone (Jive) - I LOVED it!! That was the performance of the night for sure!

So who is going home? It will either be Apolo, Ian, Laila or Joey. Honestly, I do not know who will leave. Tomorrow should be interesting!



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