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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

American Idol Finals - Week #8

So tonight it is the music of Bon Jovi. I have a feeling this is going to be interesting.

1) Phil Stacey (Blaze of Glory) - it was actually very good. This week he actually started the song of well for a change.
2) Jordin Sparks (Living on a Prayer) - the verses were not very good. The low notes were out of her register. However, once she hit the chorus she sailed through the rest of the song.
3) Lakisha Jones (This Ain't a Love Song) - so Kiki is back! That was a beautiful performance.
4) Blake Lewis (You Gove Love a Bad Name) - it was original and all but I am in the 50% who Simon said would hate it. I thought this was a singing competition. You can be original and sing the entire song.
5) Chris Richardson (Wanted Dead or Alive) - he just butchered one of my favorite songs! It was whiny, screetchy, nasally and just plain bad!
6) Melinda Doolittle (Have a Nice Day) - even in a genre she is not comfortable with she blows everyone else away. That was really good!

So I think it is between Phil, Lakisha and Chris to leave tomorrow.



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