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Monday, April 30, 2007

The King and the Chorbus Girl (1937)

A very sweet and cute romantic comedy. Ex-King Alfred Bruger (Fernand Gravey) lives a life of leisure in Paris. It seems that since he no longer runs a nation of two million people he drinks instead. He has not seen daylight in years and really does not like to leave his apartment. His subjects, Count Humbert (Edward Everett Horton) and Duchess Anna (Mary Nash), are very concerned about Alfred. His doctor says that Alfred needs to feel like he has something to live for, to feel the thrill of the hunt. The count and duchess are not sure how to help Alfred so they decide to take him to a local club. There he sees and falls for one of the chorus girls, Dorothy Ellis (Joan Blondell). Once the count and duchess realize that Alfred likes Dorothy they decide that she can help the, get Alfred out of his funk. They recruit the girl to spend time with Alfred and play hard to get. Of course, the real trouble begins when Dorothy begins to fall for Alfred as well.

I really enjoyed this little film. Gravey was very funny in the role of the king who lost his throne. Blondell was also wonderful as the chrorus girl who is swept off her feet. A nice movie to watch on a lazy morning.



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