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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Swan (1956)

A very delightful romantic comedy. Princess Beatrix (Jessie Royce Landis) lives for only one thing. She wants to make her only daughter, Princess Alexandra (Grace Kelly), a Queen. She has worked her entire life to make sure this happens and it seems that her wish my finally come true. She receives a telegram from the palace that Crown Prince Albert (Alec Guinness) will be arriving in two days to visit. Beatrix is sure that he has finally come to ask Alexandra to marry him after touring all of Europe looking for a bride and coming up empty. They begin to prepare for the Prince's arrival and Alexandra tries her best to make a good impression. However, when Albert arrive he sleeps for 24 hours and does not seem at all interested in Alexandra. That is when Beatrix comes up with another plan. She decides to host a ball in Albert's honor. To peak his interest she has Alexandra invite her tutor, Dr. Nicholas Agi (Louis Jourdan), to the ball to make Albert jealous. However, the plan falls apart as Nicholas and Alexandra begin to fall in love. Beatrix must now fix everything because Albert's mother, Queen Maria Dominika (Agnes Moorehead), will be there the next day.

I really enjoyed this film. Kelly was elegant and beautiful as she usually was. Landis was a hoot as her mother, Princess Beatrix. There were two versions made prior to this one. The first was also called The Swan, made in 1925 starring Frances Howard and Adolphe Menjou. The second was One Romantic Night from 1930 with Lillian Gish. However, nothing watching Princess Grace shine in this version.



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