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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

American Idol Finals - Week #6

I am excited because tonight's mentor is one of my favorite singers - Martina McBride. Let's see how the kids do with country week.

1) Phil Stacey (Where the Blacktop Ends) - it was pretty good. His best night in a very long time. The last note was off key but overall pretty good.
2) Jordin Sparks (Broken Wing) - that was amazing. She definetly did Martina proud. She held that last note almost as long as she does.
3) Sanjaya Malakar (Something to Talk About) - now Sanjaya is back. In his defense though they had him singing in an octave that was half a key to low for him. However, it was off key most of the time.
4) LaKisha Jones (Jesus Take the Wheel) - I like the sentiment behind the song but it was not her best. When she went into the chorus it was like she was screaming. The beginning was beautiful but the end middle was bad.
5) Chris Richardson (Mayberry) - he was off key the entire song and he is singing through his nose again. This was brutal.
6) Melinda Doolittle (Trouble is a Woman) - again she is simply amazing. I now believe she can sing anything in any genre and still be heads above the others.
7) Blake Lewis (When the Stars Go Blue) - it was ok but there is something about the way he sings that really annoys me for some reason.

So who's going home? If there is any justice it would be Chris or Sanjaya but who knows.



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