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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Madeleine (1950)

The telling of the murder trial that rocked Glascow's Victorian society. Madeleine Smith (Ann Todd) is the daughter of one of Glascow's most prominent families. Her parents want her to marry another man from their social crowd, William Minnoch (Norman Wooland) but there is a problem. Madeleine has been secretly seeing a French man named Emile L'Anglier (Ivan Desny). He is a working class man and Madeleine knows her family will never accept him. She wants to run away with Emile to marry but he is determined to become a member of the family. He tells Madeleine that either she tells her father or he will. She decides to break up with him but is concerned about the many love letters she has written to Emile. Soon Emile blackmails her and he ends up dead. Madeleine ends up on trial but did she poison him or did he commit suicide?

This was a well done movie. It was beautifully shot and was nice to watch. The main actors were all very good. There were two previous versions of this true story on film. The first was from 1932 called Latty Lynton with Joan Crawford in the title role. The second was Dishonored Lady in 1947 with Hedy Lemar in the leading role. However, this film is the only one that follows the story the closest.



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