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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Corpse Vanishes (1942)

A fun little horror movie. All over town brides are dying on their wedding days. Even stranger is the fact that their corpse's vanish from the church never to be seen again. Soon we learn that Dr Lorenz (Bela Lugosi) is the man behind these vanishing corpses. He takes them back to his home, alive but unconscious, where he extracts their blood. He uses the blood to make a potion he injects into his wife, Countess Lorenz (Elizabeth Russell), to keep her young and beautiful. Soon a society reporter at the local paper, Patricia Hunter (Luana Walters), decides to crack the case to get a real reporter position. She discovers that all the brides were wearing rare orchids that were bred by Dr Lorenz. She decides to visit his home and soon becomes aware of his plot. She, along with Dr Foster (Tristram Coffin) who has been working with Dr Lorenz, decide to hold a fake wedding to catch the mad doctor in the act.

This was a fun and short horror film. Legosi was wonderful and spooky like he always was. Walters was a little annoying as the nosy reporter. It was Russell who stole the movie. Her mean and stoic looks sent chills down my spine. A good movie for a dark and stormy night.



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