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Monday, April 02, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week #3

So tonight it is the tango and the jive (another of my favorites). Here we go!

1) Shandi Finnessey (Jive) - it was ok but not that great. She was sort of stiff.
2) John Ratzenberger (Tango) - I liked it. It was not the best but it was entertaining.
3) Clyde Drexler (Jive) - well I give him an E for effort but it was not that good. He was very stiff.
4) Laila Ali (Tango) - that was excellent! I think she is becoming the one to beat.
5) Apolo Anton Ohno (Jive) - finally tonight a jive with some energy! I liked the Pulp Fiction thing too.
6) Joey Fatone (Tango) - that was excellent! Wierd musical choice but excellent.
7) Ian Ziering (Jive) - that was also excellent! He had great energy too.
8) Leeze Gibbons (Tango) - much better than last week. She is still uptight though.
9) Heather Mills (Jive) - so she is a stuck up, goldigging b*tch but I am earning a new respect for her. That was wonderful.
10) Billy Ray Cyrus (Tango) - again I am impresseed. That was pretty good.

So I'm not sure who will e leaving. I think Clyde and Shandi maybe in trouble. John could also be in jeopardy with the low scores he received.



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