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Monday, April 16, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week #5

Tonight it is the rumba and the samba. This should be interesting.

1) Ian Ziering (Samba) - that was pretty good. He loosened up quite a bit which was nice to see.
2) Clyde Drexler (Rumba) - he may have glided on the court but he can not glide on the floor. I think his time is about up.
3) Heather Mills (Samba) - it was ok but not her best. Still way better than Clyde.
4) Joey Fatone (Rumba) - that was nice. It was good to see him do a slow dance for a change.
5) John Ratzenberger (Samba) - for an old white dude he can dance pretty well. This was much better than last week.
6) Laila Ali (Rumba) - that was nice. The champ is back!
7) Apolo Anton Ohno (Samba) - that was excellent! Best of the night by far.
8) Billy Ray Cyrus (Rumba) - it was not bad but was slightly boring and stiff. He is still way better than Clyde.

I really hope Clyde goes. I do not think I can sit through two dances from him next week.



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