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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Bride Came COD (1941)

A very cute little comedy. Joan Winfield (Bette Davis) is the heiress to an oil fortune. She is bored with her life and decides it needs some excitement. She meets Allen Brice (Jack Carson), a bandleader, and they fall madly in love in a few days. They decide to elope to Las Vegas and hire a plane to take them there from California. The pilot, Steve Collins (James Cagney), has serious money troubles. Soon the bank will repo his plane and he will be out of business. When he hears that Joan's father is concerned about he elopement Steve makes a deal with him. He will return Joan to her father, unmarried, in exchange for the money to buy his plane outright. When Joan's father agrees Steve kidnaps her and they fly off towards Texas. However, they soon encounter plane trouble and they soon crash in the desert. They come across a ghost town where a lone man lives. Soon they begin to get to know each other and eventually start to like each other. However, Allen soon arrives and wants Joan to marry him. Which man will she end up choosing?

This was a cute movie. Davis and Cagney were wonderful even though they were not know for their comedic prowess. Eugene Pallette was also very funny as Joan's oil tycoon father. This is a great movie for a lazy weekend afternoon.



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