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Monday, April 23, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week #6

So the stars have to learn two dances this week. They have a latin dance and a group swing. I love the group dances. I think I watch it for the same reason people watch NASCAR - the chance of a crash! Here we go.

1) Joey Fatone (Samba) - I think that was as manly as ballroom dancing gets. Great job again.
2) Heather Mills (Paso doble) - it was pretty good. Her arms were a little jiggly but not to bad.
3) John Ratzenberger (Mambo) - he is not the best dancer but I enjoy watching him. He seems to have fun and really gives it his best.
4) Laila Ali (Cha Cha) - that girl can shake it! Very good again this week.
5) Billy Ray Cyrus (Jive) - oh that was a mess. I'm glad he had fun but it was awful.
6) Apolo Anton Ohno (Rumba) - that was wonderful again. I think he is becoming the front runner very quickly.
7) Ian Ziering (Paso doble) - he is still holding back. It was good but I know he can do better.

Group Swing: I liked how this was choreographed and not just everyone dancing in a circle and getting their solo moment like past group dances have been. I loved how Laila picked up Apolo that was hilarious. It was also nice to see Ian loosen up a bit and just have fun.

So I think John or Billy Ray will be leaving tomorrow. I will miss whoever leaves because I actually enjoy watching all of them.



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