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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fog Over Frisco (1934)

A fairly well done mystery. Arlene Bradford (Bette Davis) is a young woman who becomes involved with shady characters. One of these shady people is Spencer Carlton (Lyle Talbot). Spence gets Arlene involved in a plot to steal securities. She takes them from her step-father, Everett Bradford (Arthur Byron), because she hates him. However, this is a very dangerous business and soon Arlene disappears. Her step-sister, Val (Margaret Lindsay), is worried sick over Arlene's disappearance. She enlists the help of a reporter, Tony Sterling (Donald Woods), to find her sister. Tony and his photographer, Izzy Wright (Hugh Herbert), find Arlene's body stuffed into the trunk of her car. Now they, along with Val, must find Arlene's killer because he strikes again.

This was not the best mystery ever but it was not to bad. Davis was touted as the star of the film however she is in it for only a few minutes. The rest of the cast is ok but they are nothing great to watch. Another movie to watch when there is nothing else on.



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