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Monday, April 30, 2007

Her Highness and the Bell Boy (1945)

Another romantic comedy I really enjoyed. Princess Veronica (Hedy Lamarr), has arrived on vacation in New York City. She has come to America to reuinte with the man she loves, Paul MacMillan (Warner Anderson). Paul is a newspaper reporter she met in her country and they fell in love. However, when they realized they could not be together he left and came back to New York. After being couped up in her room Veronica decides to go out and find fall. This is when she runs into a bell boy at the hotel, Jimmy Dobson (Robert Walker). He thinks she is a new maid in the hotel and they go out and about through the city. This is when Jimmy lets Veronica know that he is friends with Paul MacMillan. When they return to the hotel Jimmy learns who Veronica really is and she asks him to be her assistant while she is there. He accepts the position and begins to fall for her. His best friend, Albert (Rags Ragland), and His paralyzed girlfriend, Leslie (June Allyson), are not happy with the new arrangement. Soon Jimmy finds himself falling in love with the princess and thinks they could be together. However, he does not know about her feelings for Paul. Things become very complicated when Veronica's uncle, the King, dies and she becomes Queen.

This movie was very cute. Lamarr was beautiful as she always was. June Allyson was also beautiful, and incredibly sweet, as the paralyzed Leslie. Ragland was hilarious as the oaf with a heart of gold, Alfred. A great romantic movie to watch on a night in.



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