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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol Finals - Week #11

So we are down to Jordin (yeah) and Blake (boo). Tonight they will be singing three songs each. They will do an encore of a song they have already performed, a song of their choosing and the Idol winner single. Let's go!

Encore Round:
1) Blake Lewis (You Give Love a Bad Name) - I know why he picked this song but I still don't like it. He was off key in a couple of places.
2) Jordin Sparks (Broken Wing)- I'm very glad she chose to sing this song again. It was beautiful and gave me goosebumps! How she taps into the emotion of that song at 17 I will never know!

New Song:
1) Blake Lewis (She Will Be Loved) - I hate Maroon 5 so I find it ironic that the two performances of his I liked best were both Maroon 5 songs. The high notes were a little rough but good overall.
2) Jordin Sparks (Fighter) - she started a bit flat and timid but by the middle she was in her groove. Not the best we have seen from her but pretty good overall.

Idol Single: This is My Now
1) Blake Lewis - it was ok. I like the song but he was somewhat flat. He also had that monotone thing going on again.
2) Jordin Sparks - she was amazing. Her version blows Blake's out of the water. I loved how she choked up at the end - it brought tears to my eyes.

If there is any justice Jordin will win because she is the better singer by far. On a side note, why is Constantine still hanging around the Idol set? Get a life already fella!



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