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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Starter Wife (2007)

I was not sure about this series but I really enjoyed the first episode. Molly Kagan (Debra Messing) seems to have everything. She is the wife of a top Hollywood studio executive, has a beautiful daughter and anything her heart desires. She runs her home very efficiently so her husband never has to worry about any small detail. However, that all changes when one night after a studio party her husband, Kenny (Peter Jacobson), tells her that he wants a divorce. This is when she realizes that she is a starter wife - the wife who supports her husband on his rise to the top and is dumped almost as soon as he gets there. Soon she is shunned at her usual hangouts and by her "friends". One of her best friends, Joan (Judy Davis), allows her to stay at her house in Malibu while she goes away for the summer. It is here that she begins to rebuild her life and look for love again. Will it be Lou (Joe Montegna), he husband's boss, or Sam (Stephen Moyer), the local beach bum, who helps heal her broken heart?

This was a very cute show. I have not watched beyond the first two hours but I enjoyed it and will definetly watch them (they are all on my DVR). If you are a Debra Messing fan then you have to see this show.



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