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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rock of Love

Another great trashy reality show from our friends at VH1. This time instead of Flava Flav looking for love we have Bret Michaels, former lead singer of Poison. The episode starts out with 25 woman who are hoping to win Bret's heart. Outside the house they are greeted by Bret's security guard, Big John, where in picks out five girls who are not given VIP access and are told to go home. Of course this does not go over well but on woman, Tiffany, is especially peeved. She hangs around and eventually weasles her way into the mansion. Once inside she sees the crazy scene that is going on. Woman are drunk, dancing on the bar and acting crazy. Of course their are the usual dramas that occur in these situations. As the season progresses the woman compete in challanges to win dates with Bret and the chance to be his Rock of Love.

I love these train wreck shows. The cattiness and drama is just so much fun to watch. Some of these women are rough and tough and I would not want to meet them alone in a dark alley. I used to LOVE Bret back in my hair band loving middle school years but he has not aged well. There is something about at 40-seomthing year old man wearing eyeliner that is just not sexy. If you are looking for some mindless brain candy that is pretty entertaining then you will enjoy this show.



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