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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Celebrity Duets

So another week of celebrity duets. Here are my reviews of tonight's pairings.

Hal Sparks & Wynonna - I really like him. His voice is so gravely and rock and roll - I love it!
Lea Thompson & Belinda Carlisle - that was just bad. She is so out of tune all the time - are these judges deaf? Whatever happened to Belinda Carlisle? I LOVED her!
Cheech Marin & Clint Black - he is not the best singer but I like him. Again, what happened to Clint Black? I remember that the critics said he would be bigger than Garth Brooks - man did they ever get that wrong!
Alfonso Ribiero & Jeffrey Osborne - This was really good. You can tell Alfonso has been performing since he was very young. Why though do they insist on having two guys singing On the Wings of Love?
Carly Patterson & Anita Pointer -she still sounds like she's in a high school talent show.
Jai Rodriguez & Brian McKnight - I am so glad he got Brian McKnight! Their voices and styles blend so well together. Plus Brian is one of my favorite artists. Even though Jai was sick he was amazing!
Lucy Lawless & Kenny Loggins - uh no that was horrible. You could barely hear her.

I think either Lea Thompson or Carly Patterson will be going home. We will see tomorrow.



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