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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lost season premiere


I was a little underwhelmed by the episode. It was interesting to see how the others live. I wonder how they got power out there on the island. I think they are trying to break Jack since he's the leader and they are hoping that he can keep the rest of the survivors in line. I know that Kate is supposed to choose between Jack and Sawyer in the first few episodes and they showed her kissing Sawyer in the previews. I hope she chooses Jack though - he is much cuter and nicer. I still think the people on the island got cut off by the creepy guy Ben (I always remember him as the serial killer stalking Lindsay on The Practice) and have gone mad. Now they are doing weird psychological experiments on people who come on the island. I am hoping next week we find out what happened to Desmond, Locke and Eko (drool). I still love the show though.



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