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Friday, August 17, 2007

Saving Grace

This is another show I was unsure about but I am glad that I gave it a chance. Grace Hanadarko (Holly Hunter) is a rough and tough Oklahoma City police detective. She lives a life of work, drinking and men. Needless to say she is not the most virtuous woman in the world. Currently she is sleeping with her partner, Ham Tipton (Kenny Johnson), who is married. One night as she is leaving a bar, drunk obviously, she hits a man with her car. She begs God to help her and Earl (Leon Rippy) arrives. He is an angel but is not what you picture when you hear that word. He tells her that he can help her but that she needs to believe and have faith. When she wakes up the guy is gone and all traces of the accident have been erased. As she researches what happened, with the help of CSI officer and her best friend Rhetta Rodriguea (Laura San Giacomo) she learns that the man she hit is sitting on death row. When she visits him he tells her that Earl is also his angel and that he is a last chance angel. It seems that this is their last chance to redem theselves before they souls are lost ofrever.

I really enjoy this show. Robyn has refered to this as Touched By a Cranky Angel and it really is. I love that it is not as gritty as most police shows but is not to sappy at the same time. I love how Hunter and Rippy interact with each other. I can not compare this to any other show but if you like an interesting drama with a good premise then you will enjoy this one.



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