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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The new "groundbreaking" series from Fox. Marlin Boulet (Anthony Anderson) is a cop in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. One day outside of the Superdome his partner abandons him. Fast forward two years and Marlin is about to get a new partner. Trevor Cobb (Cole Hauser) is a ex-Army man from Cincinnati ready to help New Orleans get back on his feet. Their first case is the murder of a loved local jazz singer during a fund raiser for the 9th Ward Recovery Project. Now Boulet and Cobb must find out who is so willing to stunt the city's recovery process that they will murder for it.

This was a good show but I do not see how it is "groundbreaking". It is a typical cop show with the good cop who does not always do the right thing and the mysterious one we do not know much about. It is strange to see Anderson in a serious role since he is so good at the comedic ones. I love Cole Hauser and I hope this show will be his big breakthrough. I will continue to watch the show but I am not sure how well it will do against Dancing with the Stars and Heroes.



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