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Friday, August 31, 2007

Julie (1956)

This is not your typical Doris Day movie, Day plays Julie Benton, a woman terrorized by her husband, Lyle (Louis Jordan). Lyle is extremely jealous and possessive of Julie and her friends are concerned. her friend Cliff (Barry Sullivan) soon has her thinking that her first husband did not commit suicide but was actually murdered by Lyle. Once this suspicion is concerned Julie decides to go on the run. She heads home to San Francisco and resumes her former job as a stewardess. However, Lyle will not let her go that easily and decides she must die. Soon he finds her and boards one of her flights to finish her off. Now Julie must keep her head because the lives of a plane full of innocent people are in her hands.

This movie was just alright. It was very predictible and the ending was pretty cheesy. The acting by Day was almost over the top but was passable. However, Jordan was chilling as the psychotic Lyle Benton. If you have nothing better to do them this movie is a good time waster.



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