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Sunday, September 16, 2007


A new reality series showing the ups and downs of aspiring singer/songwriters in Nashville. In the first episode we get to meet the core cast. Chuck Wicks is preparing for the biggest night of his life, a showcase for executives of RCA records. Clint Mosley, the son of a wealthy jet owner. He is a womanizer who tries to convince one girl that he really cares about her. Rachel is the girl who falls for Clint's lines. She is the daughter of NFL legend Terry Bradshaw who is concerned that the only reason she will be successful is because of who her father is. Jeff Allen is another singer/songwriter who works closely with his roommate, Matt Jenkins. Matt is trying to get back on top after being let go by his record label. Lindsay and Sarah also want to be performers who hang out with Rachel and fall in her shadow. Finally, Mika is the new girl in town. She just moved to Nashville from little Hazard, Kentucky. She lives in the same building as James and Matt. They take her under their wing but can not save her from Clint's charms at th end of episode one. Of course Rachel is not happy and starts plotting Mika's demise.

I like the show although I am not sure how much of it is reality. It seems a little to staged to me but I will take it all with a grain of salt. I hope this show will let us know the dirty underside of the business and does not just sanitize everything for TV. The music was pretty good and I will buy Chuck's album when it comes out for sure!



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