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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

3 out of 4 stars

A great sci-fi classic. When Scott Carey and his wife Louise spend a peaceful day on his brother's boat they never imagined what would happen. After Louise goes below deck to get Scott a beer a strange fog rolls in. Scott is covered in a mist of unknown origins. Once Scott and Louise get back from their vacation, Scott starts getting smaller. The doctors determine that he was exposed to intense radiation but don't know how to help him. As he shrinks he begins to see the danger in the world around him - a spider, a flooded basement, even his own cat. The ending is very thought provoking. I liked that this movie was not "dumbed down" like so many others like it made in the 50s. I highly recommend it.



  • At 3:05 AM, Blogger AsianRose said…

    Grant Williams is the handsome damanding man while his wife is ordered 2 get scott a beer while on a boat.scott is exposed 2 a mist.and slowly but surly starts shrinking after they get home.the big tall scrapping man is shrinking and no end in site and soon living in his wifes dollhouse with his caring wife takes care of her shrinking man now about 7 inches tall.soon a pussycat waits till louise his wife goes out and scott in his new home louises dollhouse is played and toyed with by the pussycat .while scott still a man but a tiny one gets away from the giant feline falls in the basement and must survive using feminin tools as his wifes sewing needle as scotts sword and sewing pin as his grappling hook along with thread rope .scott fights the spider with his wifes sewing pin yep his new weapon and scott must deal with the ever shrinking of his body.this could be the first pro feminin film ever and watching scott carey living in his dollhouse shouting at his loving wife shrinking manhood and getting cheese out of a mouse well man trap is eye candy for any woman.wene i saw this 4 the first time about a year ago it was astonishing 2 me and 2 see the role change day by day with his wife and scott in the dollhouse speaking 2 her was incredible 4 its time and way ahead of its time.this is a classic sci fi movie and i thought grant williams played an incredible roll as a shrinking man fighting 2 live in a feminin or his feminin prison at 3 inches tall .a must see 4 any movie fan but women will just love the sexy grant williams living and surviving in his new life mother nature gave him.check it out.its alot of fun.susan asianrose


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