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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dancing with the Stars - Week 5

Tonight it is the rumba and the samba. Here we go!

Joey Lawrence (samba) - I agree with Len he holds back somewhat. He's very good but somewhat boring. Also, Edyta has some damn long legs!

Willa Ford (rumba) - I guess sleeping with your dancing partner really helps because that was hot!

Sara Evans (samba) - much better than last week but I feel like she is still kind of uptight.

Mario Lopez (rumba) - again the sleeping with your partner thing must help because that was also very hot!

Jerry Springer (samba) - Oh I just love him - he is to funny. However, a dancer he is not.

Monique Coleman (rumba) - Wow that final looked painful! She was excellent!

Emmitt Smith (samba) - form me he was hands down the best of the night!

So whose going home - maybe Monique? I really don't know.



  • At 10:00 AM, Blogger Lucy said…

    Again...I agree 100% with you! I think it is going to be Monique too tho I really like her. I think the country western girl should go next...but I think she has a big fan base. Jerry is so cute and funny! I wonder how much older Mario's partner is than him tho. All that sleeping together does make them dance better tho. Go figure!


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