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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Thirteen Women (1932)

An interesting concept but it falls short on follow through. The movies stars Myrna Loy as Ursula Georgi, a woman tormented by her past. While at finishing school a clique of 12 girls tortured her so badly for being a "half-breed" that she had to leave. She decides to take her revenge when they write a round robin letter to the swami she works for. She uses her powers of hypnosis to make the swami's horrible predictions and to harm the women who tortured her so long ago. At first the leader of the group, Laura Stanhope (played by Irene Dunne)sees the events as coincidence until her son is targeted. Now she has to fight Ursula's plan to kill her son before it's to late. I like the concept of the film but it fell short. The ending was very abrupt and scattered. There were hints of what was to come but it seemed to just end and I hate when movies do that. This could have been a much better film and it was sad to see it not live up to its potential.



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