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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Murder! (1930)

One of Alfred Hitchcock's first talking films. Diana Baring (Norah Baring) is an actress in a local troupe One night another actress from the troupe is murdered and Diana is suspect number one. She soon goes to trial and is convicted of the murder and sentenced to hang. However, one member of the jury is not so sure that she is guilty. Sir John Menier (Herbert Marshall) was pressured by his fellow jurors to vote for Diana's conviction but he never believed that she was guilty. Now he has decided that he needs to investigate what happened to save Diana from her death sentence. He enlists the manager of the troupe, Ted Markham (Edward Chapman), and his wife, Doucie (Phyllis Konstam), to aid him in the investigation and enters the underworld of the show business.

This movie was pretty good. You can see Hitchcock's touches even if it is not up to the caliber of his later works. The interesting thing is that he made the same movie twice at the same time, this one and a German version. If you like a fairly good mystery then you will enjoy this one.



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