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Monday, January 21, 2008

Dance War - Round #1

So tonight is the start of the real competition. The two teams will compete for America's vote. The team with the lowest number of votes will lose a member next week.

Team Bruno: A Little Less Conversation - it was really good. All three of the guys - Tony, Zack and Phillip - can really sing.

Team Carrie Anne: Run It - it was ok but they need to step it up to compete with Bruno's team. It sucks that Chris' microphone wasn't working though.

Team Bruno: SOS - it was good but not as great as the first one. Charity lost her voice at one point in the song.

Team Carrie Anne: terrific job. Much better than their first performance. On this team it is the girls who can blow!

I think Bruno's team may have the advantage. Although if Carrie Anne's team does lose I have no idea who will go home. If Bruno loses either Charity or Philip could leave.



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