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Monday, January 28, 2008

Dance War - Round #2

So tonight we will learn which team received the lowest vote total and therefore has to lose a member. We also get to see the teams perform two more routines.

Team Bruno: Think
- it was ok. Lacey forgot the words at the start of the first chorus and went off key in some places.

Team Carrie Ann: Papa Was A Rolling Stone
- it was pretty good. There were some mishaps with the mike stands but nothing to bad.

Team Bruno: Caught Up
- the dancing was great. However, the vocals were brutal! Tony was especially bad.

Team Carrie Ann: Upside Down
- much much better. The best performance of the night by far. I do not get what Bruno and Carrie Ann are listening to!

So Bruno's team lost and he chose Kelsey and Charity for his bottom two. I think Kelsey got a raw deal and Tony should have been up there. I agree with his decision to let Charity go. Now we have to wait to see who else will be leaving us next week.



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