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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Celebrity Duets

Week 3 pairings

Lucy Lawless & Dionne Warwick - uh I didn't like it. I like Rupert Everret's version in My Best Friend's Wedding better.

Alfonso Ribeiro & Deniece Williams - even with throat issues he is so good. He should be there at the end for sure.

Carly Patterson & Jesse McCartny - I love Beautiful Soul and she killed it. She always sings out of tune - please let her be gone tomorrow!

Hal Sparks & Dennis DeYoung - He is not the best singer but I still love him and think he did great.

Cheech Marin & Aaron Neville - I didn't like it but I think that's more because I can not STAND Aaron Neville

Jai Rodriguez & Taylor Dayne - Again he rocked the house! He needs to come out with an album NOW!

I hope Carly is going home but I have a feeling it will be Cheech.



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