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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dancing with the Stars - Week 3

This week it's the jive (one of my faves) and the tango. Here we go!

Emmitt Smith (tango) - He was pretty good but not as good as he has been. I still think he has potential though.

Monique Coleman (jive) - WOW! I wasn't a fan of hers the last 2 weeks but this week was amazing!

Harry Hamlin (tango) - He was pretty good. I love how he gave Bruno the rose at the end - hilarious.

Willa Ford (jive) - Eh it was ok. She wasn't as crisp as Monique was.

Jerry Springer (tango) - I think he is so funny and very entertaining.

Sara Evans (jive) - definitely better than the last 2 weeks. She seemed to finally have fun.

Mario Lopez (tango) - Holy moley that was GREAT! Makes you wonder if those rumors about them are true! Maybe it broke some of the rules but like they say no guts no glory.

Vivica A. Fox (tango) - She was excellent again. I agree with Bruno - the was very Dorothy Dandridge like.

Joey Lawrence (jive) - By far the best of the night! The judges need to lighten up! The jive is supposed to be a fun dance - it's the antithesis of the tango for pete's sake.

I really don't know who will be voted off. Maybe Willa since she has been in the bottom the last 2 weeks in a row but who knows!



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