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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Celebrity Duets - Week 4

Here is this weeks pairings. This week two people are eliminated.

Jai Rodriguez & Patti LaBelle - Why did they make the gay guy sing Lady Marmalade? It wasn't good and I loved all his other performances. I hope this horrible song selection doesn't hurt him.

Lucy Lawless & Richard Marx - I actually like this performance. I still don't think she's the best singer but that was good.

Hal Sparks & Dee Snyder - I love that he played guitar on this song. He is a rock star no matter what David Foster says. I just wish they would have laid off the eyeliner a bit.

Cheech Marin & Al Jarreau - He seems like such a nice guy but he is not that good of a singer. I will be surprised it he survives this week.

Alfonso Ribeiro & Chaka Khan - He was excellent again. I think he is a wonderful singer and needs to record an album NOW!

I am so glad they finally let Wayne Brady sing! He is excellent as well.

I think Cheech will be going home but I'm not sure who the second one will be. It could be Hal or even Jai after that horrible song selection. I am hoping it's Lucy though because I love Hal and Jai!



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