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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Freaks (1932)

3 out of 4 stars

I was surprised that I actually enjoyed this movie. This is the story of the circus sideshow performers who are the freaks of the movie. The leader,a dwarf named Hans, is seduced by the beautiful trapeze artist Cleopatra. She and her boyfriend, Hercules, enjoy making Hans fall in love with Cleo and make fun of him. The real problem begins when Cleo learns that Hans has inherited a very large sum of money and decides to marry him. She wastes no time and starts poisoning him at the wedding feast. Once the others get wind of the ploy they decide to take action and get their revenge on Hercules and Cleopatra. This movie was way ahead of its time. You are actually rooting for the freaks of the film which is not something you would expect from a film made in the 1930s. This movie was banned in several countries as well as in several town in America. It was very controversial for its time and still is.



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