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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dancing with the Stars - Week 2

This week the women are dancing the mambo and the men are performing the quick step. Here we go!

Willa Ford - I thought she was gonna shake her thing right out of her top! She was very good however.

Harry Hamlin - He was much better than last week. Maybe the laughing yoga instructor worked!

Monique Coleman - Pretty good. She still looks either pissed off or scared though.

Mario Lopez - Holy crap he is good. And those dimples - yum! But the judges are right that it was not a traditional quick step.

Shanna Moakler - I never thought the mambo could be boring but this proved me wrong. What is up with the music? I mean Kris Kross - WTF?

Jerry Springer - He was actually pretty good. They are so cute!

Vivica A. Fox - Very good - she can really shake her booty!

Joey Lawrence - definitely the best of the night!

Sara Evans - Much much better. She's still a little stiff.



  • At 11:50 AM, Blogger Lucy said…

    I agree with you except I still cannot stand Harry Hamlin...hope he gets the boot so I don't have to see his botox-lipped wife screaming "Harry!" in the's bad enough she is on Entertainment Tonight giving reviews!!!!


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