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Monday, November 12, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week #8

Tonight the stars will once again have to dance two dances - a ballroom and a latin. It is getting down to the wire so here we go!

First Round:

1) Jennie Garth (Jive) - it was good and entertaining. I just do not know if it is good enough to win the competition.
2) Cameron Mathison (Waltz) - that was very good. I think it is probably hard to dance to the Harry Potter theme.
3) Marie Osmond (Rumba) - that was actually pretty good. I am pleasantly surprised by her performance.
4) Helio Castroneves (Paso Doble) - that was excellent. Even though he left character once and smiled I still liked it.
5) Mel B. (Tango) - once again she was excellent. She is really becoming the star of the show.

Second Round:

1) Jennie Garth (Fox Trot) - once again to was good but not great. She maybe in trouble tonight.
2) Cameron Mathison (Cha Cha) - it was alright. He seemed a little uptight.
3) Marie Osmond (Jive) - that was really campy and cheesy. It was entertaining though but not good enough.
4) Helio Castoneves (Quick Step) - that was great. I loved how he kissed her at the end - from the look she gave him she was not expecting it.
5) Mel B. (Mambo) - another great performance. It was wonderful.

So who will leave. While I think Marie should she could get the sympathy vote. Jennie maybe gone after two weak performances tonight. We shall see tomorrow night.



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