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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber - #12

The third installment in the Blossom Street series. In this book we once again meet Lydia Hoffman-Goetz, the proprietor of the yarn shop A Good Yarn. Once again she decides to start a knitting class to bring some new people together. Her prayer shawl class has two new faces and one old one. Susannah own the flower shop next door to A Good Yarn. She decides to take the class and invites her employee along. Colette Blake is a total mystery. She is a recent widow who quit her high paying job for minimum wage and moved from her large house to the apartment over A Good Yarn. Every one thinks Colette is just grieving but she has a secret. She had a one night stand with her former boss and is now pregnant. To make matters worse she found out that the father is involved in dangerous and illegal activities. The old face of the class is Alix Townsend. Alix has a completely different life from when we met her in the first book. She now works at the French Cafe across from the yarn store and is engaged to be married. However, she is soon disturbed by the elaborate wedding her future mother in law and best friend, Jacqueline, are putting on. Now as the women move through their individual problems we see how they become stronger. We also see how knitting can bring people together.

I also enjoyed this book. I loved this entire series and would love to see a fourth installment in the future. Macomber's writing style is very easy to read. I love how she makes me feel like I know these women personally. This is a very fun and light read and I highly recommend the entire series.



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