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Friday, October 05, 2007

Big Shots

A very funny show that has been called the male version of Sex & the City. This is the story of four men, all successful CEOs, who can not get their personal lives straight. Duncan Collingsworth (Dylan McDermot) is the head of a cosmetics company. He is a womanizer who is trying to avoid a major scandal. He also has to deal with his stubborn 19 year old daughter who wants to embarrass him at every opportunity. Karl Mixworthy (Joshua Malina) heads a prominent pharmaceutical company. He loves his wife but he also loves his mistress. Now he is really in trouble because the two women in his life have become best friends. Brody Johns (Christopher Titus) is also married. His problem is that his wife is very demanding and wants everything her way. If she does not get then they both end up miserable. Finally, James Walker (Michael Vartan) earns his CEO position after his boss dies. However, no one knows that the boss fired him before his untimely death. Now James learns that his wife was having an affair with his former employer and he must deal with the consequences.

I really enjoyed this show. It was very funny. Of course having McDerott and Vartan eye candy to look at does not hurt either! It was also nice to see Malina and Titus back on network TV. I highly recommend this show and hope it sticks around.



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