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Monday, October 01, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week #2

So Josie is out, and after her comments on Kimmel last week I am glad she is gone, and we are down to eleven stars. Tonight it is the mambo and the quick step, which is one of my favorites. Here we go!

1) Mel B. (Quick Step) - I think she did very well. Her footwork was really good. On a side note, I always feel bad for the female stars having to do this dance in those heels. That has to be hell to learn.
2) Mark Cuban (Mambo) - I liked it. I think he is doing wonderful for a guy who had a hip replaced a few months ago. You can see the drive that made this guy a billionaire.
3) Wayne Newton (Quick Step) - that was not good. He was clod hopping (as my mother would say) all over the floor.
4) Marie Osmond (Mambo) - that was Pretty dang good! Who know sweet Marie Osmond could shake her booty like that.
5) Albert Reed (Quick Step) - it was pretty good. His footwork was a little off but not to bad over all.
6) Helio Castroneves (Mambo) - that was wonderful! He can really shake it! I love his personality too and it comes through when he dances.
7) Jennie Garth (Quick Step) - it was alright. Her footwork wan not very crisp. I can not believe he fell at the end though.
8) Cameron Mathison (Mambo) - it was ok but it lacked something. He did not see to give it his all.
9) Floyd Mayweather (Quick Step) - another solid performance. He is so cute - I want to pinch his cheeks!
10) Jane Seymour (Mambo) - I think she did pretty well. On another side note I hope to look half as good as she does when I am 56!
11) Sabrina Bryan (Quick Step) - I really enjoyed it. I think she will be the one to beat in the competition.

So I think is might be Mark Cuban's night to exit. Wayne Newton has way to many fans who are going to vote for him. We will see tomorrow night.



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