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Monday, October 15, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week #4

Tonight it will be the Paso Doble (another one of my favorites) and Viennese Waltz. This should be another interesting night. Here we go!

1) Mark Cuban (Waltz) - much better than last week. I think ballroom is his strength. He is not the best dance but I have seen worse.
2) Sabrina Bryan (Paso Doble) - another great performance. She really stayed in character and she looked sort of mean!
3) Jane Seymour (Waltz) - that was wonderful. A very graceful and elegant performance.
4) Floyd Mayweather (Paso Doble) - it was pretty good but he lost it in a couple of places. That leap was pretty amazing though!
5) Mel B. (Waltz) - another very solid performance. On a side note, what was up with Max's outfit? He looked like a drunk groomsman at the end of a wedding reception.
6) Cameron Mathison (Paso Doble) - a major improvement from the last few weeks. That was really good.
7) Marie Osmond (Waltz) - another good performance. It was not flashy but it was solid.
8) Jennie Garth (Paso Doble) - that was great! she is really coming into her own.
9) Helio Castroneves (Waltz) - that was wonderful. He is quickly becoming my favorite.

So who will be leaving tomorrow night? This is tough but I think Mark and Floyd maybe vulnerable. We shall see.



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