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Monday, November 19, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week #9

I can not believe we are already to the semifinals. Tonight the three women and lone guy must dance two dances. They will pick their favorite Latin and ballroom styles. Here we go!

Ballroom Round:
1) Marie Osmond (Quick Step) - that was very good. Her footwork was excellent from what I could see. A big improvement over last week.
2) Mel B. (Waltz) - that was wonderful. Those moving splits were amazing! It was beautiful and elegant.
3) Jennie Garth (Tango) - it was pretty good. The first tango she did was so wonderful that this paled by comparison for me. However, much better than last week.
4) Helio Castroneves (Fox Trot) - that was great! Sometimes the Fox Trot can be boring for me but that was a terrific dance.

Latin Round:
1) Marie Osmond (Mambo) - it was pretty good. She needs to loosen up more. It was a fun routin though.
2) Mel B. (Paso Doble) - that was excellent. She was scary with that whip in the beginning. She is by far the best woman left in the competition.
3) Jennie Garth (Cha Cha) - that was great! One of her best dances of the entire competition.
4) Helio Castroneves (Cha Cha) - another terrific performance. I love watching his, goofy smile and all.

So who will fall short of the final? In all honesty it should be Marie but I have a feeling Jennie may end up in the cold. We will find out tomorrow.



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