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Monday, February 04, 2008

Dance War - Round #3

So once again we will be losing one member of the team with the lowest votes. However, before that happens we get to watch the teams perorm two more routines. Here we go!

Team Carrie Ann: Devil Went Down to Georgia
- it was pretty good. Some of the dance moves were a little hokey but then again that song is hokey.

Team Bruno: Life is a Highway
- oh that was not good at all. Philip started 1/2 a key to low, Zach about fell on his ass and Tony was way out of tune. They really need to step it up.

Team Carrie Ann: Big Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
- first, this is not a country song. Second, I found the performance a little bland and boring. The only exciting thing was Qis shirtless.

Team Bruno: These Boots Are Made for Walking
- again, this IS NOT a country song. However, that was much better. Kelsey and Lacey were very hot and sexy.

So Team Bruno lost again and he eliminated Tony. I am not surprised since Tony can not seem to sing a note in tune. I am not sure who will win this week since they both had one bad and one good performance. If Carrie Ann's team loses I think it will be Elizabeth to go and if it is Bruno's team I have no idea who is going to go.



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