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Monday, February 11, 2008

Dance War - Round #3

So tonight is the last night the viewers get to vote for their favorite team. Of course we will be losing a third contestant tonight before the voting begins. Here we go!

Team Carrie Ann: Conga
- that was really good. The dancing and singing were both right on point. I think it is their best performance yet.

Team Bruno: Sway
- not bad. One of the team's stronger peformances by far. Not as good as Team Carrie Ann's however.

Team Carrie Ann: I Need to Know
- another excellent performance. They just seem to be just head and shoulders over where Bruno's team is.

Team Bruno: Wind Up
- it was alright but I am not that impressed. The dancing was good but the vocals lacked somewhat.

Bruno is so cute. I loved his reaction whern his team was announced as the winner. So Carrie Ann eliminated Alyssa and I am shocked. I know Elizabeth worked hard but she is the weakest dance on the team by far. I think Carrie Ann's team will end up winning because they are just a lot better. We will see next week.



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