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Monday, November 26, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Finale

So we are at the end of another season. Tonight the final three will once again dance two dances. They will have to perform a dance style of the judge's choosing and a freestyle (which means lifts!) Here we go!

Judge's Choice:
1) Mel B. (Cha Cha) - another very solid performance. I really enjoyed it.
2) Marie Osmond (Samba) - it was not very good. It was not fast and hard enough for the Samba.
3) Helio Castroneves (Jive) - I think it was by far one of his best performances. If he does not win I will be very disappointed.

1) Mel B. - it was pretty good. That last lift was amazing.
2) Marie Osmond - oh that was bad also. Jonathan is a genius though. The fact that she is acting as a mechanical toy means her dancing has to be bad!
3) Helio Castroneves - that was great! That is how to play on a theme and not take it overboard unlike the previous dance.

So who will win the mirrorball trophy? I hope it is Helio or Mel but I have a strange feeling the Osmond fans may take the prize.



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